Is an Online Graduate Program Right for You?


Applying to graduate school can be an overwhelming process. There’s such a wide array of possible degrees and programs that all offer different perks. Do you want a graduate program that you get hands-on experience with? Or one that allows you to have a daytime job? Maybe you’re figuring out how you can get a graduate degree without going into debt. Online graduate degrees are a great option to fulfill all of those wants. Online degrees are becoming more common because of the fast pace economy and are just as reputable as a degree from a traditional classroom setting. If you’re wanting to get a TESOL degree, or something based on international studies, consider moving abroad and getting the degree online while working.

There is a countless number of teachers who got their master’s degree, and even doctorate’s degree, while teaching at Sias. They were able to have a full teaching load and gain experience as they studied what they were also learning through personal interaction with their students. Teaching at Sias at the same time as getting a graduate degree gives you a salary to help cover your tuition cost while also giving you housing, a possible meal plan, and enough free time to actually complete your homework. Once you have a graduate degree, Sias will give you a pay bonus!

A teacher currently getting his master’s degree in TESOL is Brian Funke. He is getting his degree through Azusa Pacific University. Because he chose to work in China as he gets his degree, he received a $10,000 scholarship! Other schools have similar opportunities where they give out scholarships to people wanting to work in the field to further their learning. Brian says that it’s been challenging to adjust to living overseas and starting a master’s program. Give yourself time to figure out how to do time management and use your free time wisely. He suggests having accountability partners to help encourage you and remind you why you are there. It’s never easy being an expat, but the rewards and personal satisfaction as you grow as a person is exponential.

Brian Funke teaching Oral English

If you’re not sure whether doing an online graduate program abroad is for you or not, Brian has some great advice on how to make the difficult decision. First, have you lived or traveled abroad before? If so, you already have the skills needed to adapt to a different culture, and the transition would be much smoother. If you’ve never been abroad before, consider taking a short trip to see if you like the feeling of being in another country. Make sure you research the country’s culture and customs, so you can imagine yourself living there for a semester, a year, or two years. How does it feel? Brian mentioned to study the graduate program as well. If it’s getting a master’s in TESOL, have you ever taught before? Is teaching your passion? Before starting a graduate program, you should always be sure that that is the concentration you want.  

Pursuing a graduate degree online while working at Sias is a great opportunity. You can get scholarships, a salary, relatable work experience, adventure, and growth in all aspects of life in addition to living in a country that has a high respect for teachers and a low cost of living. Future employers would love to see that you know how to work with people from a variety of backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures. The amount of people who have successfully graduated from their graduate program while at Sias proves that it’s realistic and attainable. What are you waiting for? Send an email to for more information!

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