But Where Will I Live?

Barbara's Living Room

One of the things many teachers wonder about is the living conditions. Will I have my own apartment? Where and what will I eat? I too wondered about these things. After all I’d heard some horror stories about sharing an apartment with a complete stranger and having the plumbing and heating vents completely exposed and tacked onto the cement walls. Such is not the case at Sias. Here singles have their own apartment. Married couples have an office or extra room in addition to their living room and bedroom. Families have large living rooms and multiple bedrooms depending on the size of their families. Singles’ and married couples’ apartments have a kitchenette, while family apartments have full kitchen and dining areas. Each apartment also comes equipped with beds, couches, living room chairs and a television. Many apartments already have hot water heaters, and Sias will be providing a water heater for the remaining apartments by this fall semester (2019). Each apartment has at least one air conditioner as well. All in all, the accommodations have more than adequate space. And since decorating is left up to the residents, the apartments quickly take on a personal style. This week I’ll take a look at single, married, and family apartments and chat briefly with each group.

First, is Barbara. She is single. She has a lovely apartment on the first floor of Peter Hall. One of the nice things about Peter Hall is that we can paint and decorate our apartments (within reason) however we like. Barbara has done just that. She has been teaching here for several years and her apartment shows it. She has painted the walls a lovely warm rusty red and her furnishings reflect her warm personality is reflected in the vibrant colors she has chosen to decorate with.

Next on my list is a young married couple—Andres and Bree. Andres has been at Sias for 2 years. Over the summer he got married, so his wonderful bride, Breanna, joined him here at Sias. Last year Andres was in a single apartment, but after their marriage he and Bree moved into a married couple’s apartment on the 5th floor. It usually takes a couple of years for new teachers to settle in and decorate fully. Their apartment, while cozy, reflects this minimalist decorating scheme.

Finally, we look at Larry and Jessica’s apartment. Like Barbara, they have taught at Sias for several years. Their apartment reflects both their personalities and the fact that they have 2 adorable daughters. The living room is large and has a large picture window at one end. The kitchen and dining area is also large and airy. They have their own master bedroom and the girls share a bedroom.

In addition to the living and bedroom space, their apartment even has an office area the couple shares as well as a homeschool area for the girls.

This completes the “apartment tour.” I hope it has answered some of your questions. Now I have a question for you. What is the one thing you “must” have in an apartment? I’ve discovered mine is plants. My collection has grown from 2 when I first moved in to 5 as of today when a little elf left me a present of a new plant at my door. Drop me a line and let me know what you find indispensable in an apartment or send me your questions. I’d love to hear from you and answer your questions.

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